Compliance Without The Confusion
Strategic Workplace Solutions, Inc.


 Do you know how to guide your business through confusing government regulations?

Do you know what triggers a state or federal labor audit, and how to avoid it?

Do you know how to guard against being “debarred” from government work?

Are you successfully managing all your

 labor law compliance risks?

Are you able to bid public construction
projects competitively?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, it’s time for

A business’s bottom line is staying profitable. Strategic Workplace Solutions assists our clients by preventing violations.  Employers found violating labor laws can incur penalties, damages, debarments and court actions that endanger profits.

SWS helps you manage your risks by achieving and maintaining compliance with prevailing wage, affirmative action, and related labor laws. This keeps work moving smoothly, allowing your profits and reputation to stay intact, and helping to maintain your positive public image.

The SWS approach is to teach you how to be proactive in preventing problems.  Our goal is for your company to become self-sufficient in your compliance efforts.  Specializing in the construction industry, we are ready to assist at the workplace or the jobsite.

Can Assist You With:

* Training:  Labor law compliance topics for all workplaces.            
* Compliance Assistance:  On the jobsite or in the workplace.            
* Model Operating Procedures: For employers to voluntarily manage their compliance risks.       
* Model Compliance Programs:  For public entities to meet their responsibilities.    
* Research and Development:  Studies and policy designs related to workplace issues.
* Labor Arbitration:  Services for employers and unions.
* Neutral Services:  For anyone desiring a neutral overseer or fact finder.


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SWS provides information that should not be construed as legal advice or take the place of a final determination by federal, state, or local governments.