Profits Through Knowledge
Strategic Workplace Solutions, Inc.

Philosophy and Mission

Our Philosophy

Strategic Workplace Solutions, Inc. strives to be the premier company providing labor law compliance risk management services across the country to contractors, public entities and workers, with a specific focus on the construction industry.

    Our Service Mission
By providing quality training and consultative services, SWS empowers our clients to become exceptional and self-sufficient at managing and preventing their labor law compliance risks, thus creating harmony in their workplaces and increasing their profit margins.

    Our Economic Mission
To operate SWS on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, and expanding opportunities for development in order to create jobs for new employees.

    Our Social Mission
To function as a business that helps bring harmony to workplaces and growth to businesses, workers and their families, improving the quality of life for each.
Honesty – We place a high value on honesty.  Our customers receive only honest and true information about their real situation and status.  We always tell the truth.
Integrity – We provide a level of integrity that exceeds most other businesses due to the “lawfulness” nature of our business, and the trust our clients place in us.  Integrity to us means that we are honest to a level that maintains our dignity and honor.

Toughness – We stand tough on our decisions, provision of information, and when assisting our clients.  We understand dealing with laws makes many businesses shiver.  Our toughness and determination gets the customer the help they need.

Trust – We maintain a high standard of trustworthiness so our clients feel secure when providing confidential information to us.  Clients can trust us to do the right thing when dealing with the law.  Trust to us means that we value, to the point of sacrosanct, someone’s opinion, knowledge, sanctity of information or their support of us, and we value the same of them.

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SWS provides information that should not be construed as legal advice or take the place of a final determination by federal, state, or local governments.