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, headquartered in the Kansas City, Missouri, metropolitan area, brings almost 30 years of labor law relations and compliance experience from government, business and labor backgrounds to our clients. Our unique background, experience and depth of knowledge helps small and large construction contractors, businesses, city and county governments, and labor organizations wishing to manage labor law compliance risks.  We are passionate about ensuring our clients prevent compliance problems before they occur, and achieve self-sufficiency. 

is also a certified WBE, DBE, SLBE, and SDB for affirmative action and construction goal purposes.

About Colleen White

Summary of Experience
• Prevailing Wage Coordinator, Planned Industrial Expansion Authority of Kansas City.
• Past Prevailing Wage Coordinator, Truman Sports Complex Renovation Project, Kansas City, Missouri.
• Past Director, Missouri State Division of Labor Standards, Jefferson City, MO.
• Author of the first Prevailing Wage Compliance Programs for Kansas City and Jackson County, Missouri.
• Past Director, Department of Safety and Health, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Washington D.C.
• Author, “Diversity In Recruitment & Training in the Construction Industry”, used for the Kansas City, MO, Workforce Ordinance.
• Past Business Manager, Sign Painters Local 820, Kansas City, Missouri.
• Degrees in Education & Labor Studies.
• Labor Arbitrator, listed with Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service.
• Labor Arbitrator - Fact Finder, listed with the Iowa and Kansas Public Employee Relations Boards.
• Former National Advisory Board Member and Columnist, Thompson Labor Publications.

Colleen White is President and founder of Strategic Workplace Solutions, Inc.  She derives her extensive background from almost 30 years experience in government, business and labor positions.  Her areas of expertise include prevailing wage, minimum wage and overtime, independent contractor issues, child labor, workplace safety, affirmative action, and compliance program planning and creation.  She served over 12 years as Director of the State of Missouri’s Division of Labor Standards.  There she directly administered and enforced of all prevailing wage, child labor and mine safety laws, and oversaw mine training, workplace safety consultation, and other wage and hour law programs.  Prior to her government work, she served as Business Manager of a construction trade union in Kansas City, becoming the first female delegate to a Building & Construction Trades Council in the U.S.  She was subsequently appointed to serve as Director of Safety and Health for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades in Washington D.C., where she became the first woman Department Director of an international construction union.  She also serves as a labor arbitrator listed with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and the Iowa and Kansas Public Employees Relation Boards, where her experience provides a level of neutrality that allows her to see all sides and concerns.  Colleen holds a degree in Education from the University of Kansas, and one in Labor Studies from Antioch University in Ohio.  

Colleen recently completed coordination of all labor law compliance for Jackson County, Missouri's Truman Sports Complex Renovation Project. This publicly funded project of over $700 million involved the extensive renovation of Arrowhead Stadium of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs and Kaufman Stadium of MLB's Kansas City Royals.  There she provided assistance to over 300 contractors to help ensure their compliance requirements were met.  This project was completed with a 100% final compliance rate.  She is currently overseeing compliance on the Commonwealth Construction Project for the Kansas City Planned Industrial Expansion Authority, where she is assisting project subcontractors with their compliance requirements.

Colleen is active with the Labor Management Council of Greater Kansas City’s Construction Industry Committee, where she regularly provides input on compliance issues for construction, and served on the Prevailing Wage Task Force with the City of Kansas City, Missouri.  She is a member of the Kansas City Chapter of the National Association of Women Construction Owners and Executives (WCOE), Kansas City Arbitrator’s Roundtable, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), Coordinator for the Kansas City Labor Law Compliance Organization, and an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Interstate Labor Standards Association (ILSA).

Colleen volunteers for, and serves as an Advisory Board Member and former Chair of H.O.R.S.E. (Helping Others Reach Success and Excellence), a non-profit organization providing equine therapy for autistic and at-risk children.  She also has served as a judge for the Crayons to Cad event that introduces middle and high school children to construction, architecture and engineering careers.  She has contributed and volunteered for Kansas City’s United Way and American Diabetes Association Chapters, Rose Brooks and Salvation Army.  She was a judge and fundraiser for Skills USA, the annual convention of vocational clubs for youth.  She served on Advisory Boards for U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, and the Eastern and Western U.S. Attorney’s Office Human Trafficking Task Forces.  Every year, she also voluntarily provides training for the Metropolitan Community Colleges Supplier Diversity Program’s contractors to help women and minority contractors and suppliers with their compliance issues.

Awards and Certifications
2012 “Influential Women” Honoree, Kansas City Business Magazine
2011 "Governor's Award of Distinction", Missouri State Department of Economic Development’s Women's Council.
2011 "Crystal Vision Award", National Award, National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).
2011 "Crystal Vision Award", Chapter Award, Kansas City National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).
2011 “Women Who Means Business” Honoree, Kansas City Business Journal
• Honorary Lifetime Member, Interstate Labor Standards Association.
• Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Kansas City.
• Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Kansas City.
• Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE), Kansas City.
• Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), U.S. Small Business Administration.
• Missouri Teaching Certificate.
• OSHA 10 Safety Training.

Published by the:
• Missouri Bar
• Missouri Municipal League
• American Public Health Association
• Thompson National Labor Publications
• Kansas City Small Business Monthly
• Flourish Magazine

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